The Customer Data Platform for Developers

Built by developers, for developers. RudderStack turns your data warehouse into a customer data platform and makes it easy to deliver the right data to the right place.

Part of Your Data Stack

RudderStack is build to fit into your existing data stack. It can connect easily with your data warehouse or data lake and turn them into a powerful customer data platform that you control.

Check out the Cloud Data Warehouses and Streaming Processing Services that you can connect with RudderStack

Designed for Developers

We are developers and data engineers ourselves. With an API-first approach, we've built all the right abstractions and integrations so you don't have to spend months integrating with applications and the rest of your data stack.

Check the many different SDKs that RudderStack offers to easily implement event tracking on your projects.

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Data Security and Privacy Conscious

You are responsible for the security of the data you are working with. By deploying RudderStack, you have total control over the infrastructure where your data lives. The code is open sourced so you can always audit how Rudder Stack interacts with your data.

See how you can have total control and ownership over your data, control all the security parameters and easily comply to data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.

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RudderStack is extremely scalable. A single node can handle more than 300M events per day while it's possible to set up in a multi-node and highly available configuration where you can practically scale to billions of events per day.

You can easily setup and benchmark RudderStack on your own infrastructure and with your own data payloads.

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